Sunday, June 17, 2012

Life, people and work

"It is so nice to have a job in this economy."  How often do you hear this and think to yourself, ugh yeah you walk a mile in my shoes and see if you're grateful for this job.  I remembered feeling somewhat overwhelmed this time two years ago being a full-time nanny and looking for a job.  Which is where I ended up landing the gig at Trader Joe's.   When you're starting something new of course everything seems great, but then it sets in and when working retail full-time... well let's just say soon enough, it becomes hard to remember how to be grateful.  Lots of weekends, lots of long hours, and all for so little pay it really starts to mess with your sense of value and self-worth.

I have been struggling with this sense of value in my job because I have been working so much I don't hardly have time to breathe.  This also explains why it's been so long since my last update. Everything gets harder when you work two jobs (particularly two jobs that are both so similar --i.e. RETAIL!)

But, then I stop to count my blessings and remember all the awesome things about my life.  I'm not homeless... I'm not hungry... and I am blessed to have two jobs in a time when so many can't even find one.  What's even better is my jobs allow me to meet so many interesting and great people.

It's amazing how many times I will pass strangers throughout the week and they will stop me saying, "Don't I know you? Where do you work?"  Without fail when I answer Trader Joe's or my second job they will immediately follow up with, "That's right I remember, you helped me find [insert meat product, gluten-free item, or wine here]."  It may not seem like much to me to help someone find something they're looking for when they come in, and heck it may not even seem like much to me to shoot someone a smile, but really I have nearly hundreds of opportunities every week to brighten somebody's day.  So, I realized as much as I hate working so many hours for so little pay, my job has a very rewarding return that has absolutely nothing to do with monetary profit.

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