Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Wednesday Wines (under $10)

Red Diamond Chardonnay ($8.00)

If you are looking for a fruity but evenly balanced chardonnay for sipping on the porch in summer, Red Diamond is for you.  Several weeks ago I posted about a Washington chardonnay (Snoquamie), and while that one received a lot more attention from me, the Red Diamond is pretty comparable as far as quality.

In regards to flavor, however, this wine is far more fruit forward.  It has a nice balance of acidity, with a slightly creamy finish, and my only real complaint is that it has an overwhelming amount of apple notes.

While I usually prefer something a little drier, I would recommend this chardonnay for those who want to try an oaked chardonnay that doesn't have overwhelming oak flavor.  It is perfect for those who like the fruitiness of a pinot grigio, but want something slightly heavier.  All in all, I would buy this wine again for a relaxing night with my friends who prefer fruity whites.

Tasting Notes:
Color-  Straw yellow
Nose-  oak, pineapple, pear
Taste-  apple,  pear, and vanilla

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Wednesday Wines (under $10)

Today I defied my own rules and made a wine selection from Aldi.  If you don't have an Aldi near you, it is a discount grocery store.  The wine they sell has been very hit or miss for me, so I generally avoid shopping for my wine there.  Today, I was extremely surprised by this bottle of Prosecco.  I wasn't even surprised at how good the wine itself was, my surprise came from the accurate description of the wine on the back of the bottle.

I make it a point to never read the back of bottles before doing a review.  I started as I always do, with my proper three sniffs.  I always start with smelling the wine three times, and try to pick out a different layer of the nose each time.  Then, I do the same with the flavor by sipping it three times.   Upon each sip I picked out a piece of the flavour profile, and when I was done, three of the four pieces I said aloud (this is something I do whenever I'm tasting, sometimes saying the flavour aloud helps me find other depths) were articulated on the back of the bottle.

It is surprising because I never trust the back of the bottle, but in this case not only was it in agreement with my taste, but it was helpful.  This is a light-bodied, moderately dry bubbly, just as the back label describes.  What I enjoyed most about this wine is that it perfectly portrayed spring turning into summer.  I experienced it all--the floral smell of a spring rain melted by the sweet warmth of the summer sun, and the delicate effervescence of the saltiness and fruitiness of an ocean breeze.

Tasting Notes:
Color-  light yellow, "champagne"
Nose-  freshly cut grass, lemon, chamomile
Taste-  green apple, lemon peel, sponge cake, and pear

My final assessment of this wine: for $6.99 if you want a delicately light wine you can do no better.  If you need a nice summer wine for easy drinking on its own or to pair with light salads and  fresh summer fruit, this is the perfect wine.  I will definitely be trying Aldi wines again.