Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Self Study

Many of my friends have seen me really come alive in these last several months.  My passion for food and cooking has always been evident, but it has only recently become so important to my life that almost every time I'm around people I have to be cooking.  This has led me to understand how this passion could and should be a career path for me.  So, I am saving my money to do something I thought I'd never do--go back to school!

I began a search for the best culinary school that has what I'm looking for.  It is exciting to think about this next stage of life, but as I've been embarking on this journey I have also become a sponge of culinary learning. I have used my public library card more in the last four months than I think I have over the course of my whole life.  And, obviously I've been watching cooking shows like crazy.

So, in my search for even more resources I need your help, because being a foody literally could be a full-time job (unfortunately it doesn't pay that well).  What have you found to be your favorite or even your "go-to" resources for culinary information--be it a website, a certain Food Network chef/show, or your favorite cookbook?

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