Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Wednesday Wines (under $10)

Red Diamond Chardonnay ($8.00)

If you are looking for a fruity but evenly balanced chardonnay for sipping on the porch in summer, Red Diamond is for you.  Several weeks ago I posted about a Washington chardonnay (Snoquamie), and while that one received a lot more attention from me, the Red Diamond is pretty comparable as far as quality.

In regards to flavor, however, this wine is far more fruit forward.  It has a nice balance of acidity, with a slightly creamy finish, and my only real complaint is that it has an overwhelming amount of apple notes.

While I usually prefer something a little drier, I would recommend this chardonnay for those who want to try an oaked chardonnay that doesn't have overwhelming oak flavor.  It is perfect for those who like the fruitiness of a pinot grigio, but want something slightly heavier.  All in all, I would buy this wine again for a relaxing night with my friends who prefer fruity whites.

Tasting Notes:
Color-  Straw yellow
Nose-  oak, pineapple, pear
Taste-  apple,  pear, and vanilla

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