Monday, June 17, 2013

Big World Tiny Kitchen-Pilot

It's finally HERE! The Pilot is live!

I hope you enjoy it!

YouTube Description:
There is something about how food tells a story about the people who eat and/or prepare it that I love.  
After discovering the way food can teach you about the people and places unique to those flavors. I really started to delve into the concept of terroir--basically the idea that food takes on characteristics of the area it comes from.  And the more I learned, the more I wanted to know.  But seeing as I still couldn’t afford to travel to all these wonderful exotic places, I realized that I had to find a different way to experience them.  That’s when I discovered that I could start bringing these places home to me, through my cooking.    
About this same time, I started batting around the idea of starting an online cooking show.  That is where the concept for Big World, Tiny Kitchen was born.  I came to the realization that many of you out there share my same penchant for travel, and my same fiscal predicaments. Hence, why I am here today sharing my experiences with you all through this show.  My hope is that through this show you will find cooking as culturally and personally enriching as I do.

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